Saturday, November 25, 2006

Tokyo Shows in December

December 10, 2006
UFO Club (Koenji, Tokyo)

"Hakkyo Tengoku"

6:30 PM open/ 7:00 PM show

LIVE: Metalchicks, Hiroyuki Otsuka (Shibusa Shirazu Orchestra) Band, Watsushi Zombi, Clisms

DJ: Hakkyo Chika

Info: UFO Club (Tel/Fax: 03-5306-0240)

December 23, 2006
Tsukimiru Kimiomou (Aoyama, Tokyo)

"Tsuki Momo no Mori Special"

6:30 PM open/ 7:00 PM show

LIVE: Metalchicks, Goma & Jungle Rhythm Section, tegwagon

Info: Tsukimiru Kimiomou, Aoyama (Tel: 03-5474-8115/ Fax: 03-5474-8116)

Metalchicks will go on as the opener at 7 PM!

Friday, November 17, 2006

New show confirmed (November)

November 22, 2006
Milk (Ebisu, Tokyo)

"Need U Tonight"

LIVE: Metalchicks, RUB-A-DUB MARKET, Pepe California, 2MUCH CREW, World Invaders ARI1010

DJ: KubotaTakeshi, TraksBoys, K.Goto(Dancaholic/Tokyo,Futurehous/LA), FuckMasterFuck(2muchcrew) Sanoxobabies(2muchcrew), MUNE (GURUGURU) AKAASHI OKUYAMA, TAIBOKU and more

Info: Milk

Metalchicks will go on around midnight!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Thanks all for showing up at KF on Halloween night!

We had so much fun at Knitting Factory show.
We'd like to thank all of people who have helped us making this show happen and become successful.

Our biggest hug for the merch helper/video shooter/make-up artist, Sae. You are amazing!

Muchos love and respect for Aya and Yuka. You both rule!

Big thanks for Matt at CMJ, Stephen and Jason the soundman at Knitting Factory.

Hope to be back in NYC soon.
Well, next time we'd love to come to California as well.
Wait for us, Aya!