Thursday, December 28, 2006

Last show in 2006 today!!

Sorry for the last minute posting.
Metalchicks' last show in 2006 is TONIGHT!

"Nenmatsu Special!"

December 29, 2006
6.30 pm open/ 7 pm show

Doors (Hatsudai, Tokyo)

Demi Semi Quaver and Metalchicks

Thanks for all your support in 2006!
See you tonight and we all will have a very good new year!!

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Tokyo Shows in December

December 10, 2006
UFO Club (Koenji, Tokyo)

"Hakkyo Tengoku"

6:30 PM open/ 7:00 PM show

LIVE: Metalchicks, Hiroyuki Otsuka (Shibusa Shirazu Orchestra) Band, Watsushi Zombi, Clisms

DJ: Hakkyo Chika

Info: UFO Club (Tel/Fax: 03-5306-0240)

December 23, 2006
Tsukimiru Kimiomou (Aoyama, Tokyo)

"Tsuki Momo no Mori Special"

6:30 PM open/ 7:00 PM show

LIVE: Metalchicks, Goma & Jungle Rhythm Section, tegwagon

Info: Tsukimiru Kimiomou, Aoyama (Tel: 03-5474-8115/ Fax: 03-5474-8116)

Metalchicks will go on as the opener at 7 PM!

Friday, November 17, 2006

New show confirmed (November)

November 22, 2006
Milk (Ebisu, Tokyo)

"Need U Tonight"

LIVE: Metalchicks, RUB-A-DUB MARKET, Pepe California, 2MUCH CREW, World Invaders ARI1010

DJ: KubotaTakeshi, TraksBoys, K.Goto(Dancaholic/Tokyo,Futurehous/LA), FuckMasterFuck(2muchcrew) Sanoxobabies(2muchcrew), MUNE (GURUGURU) AKAASHI OKUYAMA, TAIBOKU and more

Info: Milk

Metalchicks will go on around midnight!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Thanks all for showing up at KF on Halloween night!

We had so much fun at Knitting Factory show.
We'd like to thank all of people who have helped us making this show happen and become successful.

Our biggest hug for the merch helper/video shooter/make-up artist, Sae. You are amazing!

Muchos love and respect for Aya and Yuka. You both rule!

Big thanks for Matt at CMJ, Stephen and Jason the soundman at Knitting Factory.

Hope to be back in NYC soon.
Well, next time we'd love to come to California as well.
Wait for us, Aya!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

New York show (Kniting Factory) - show time changed

October 31, 2006
Knitting Factory (New York City), Main stage
late night show (10:30 PM door)

Metalchicks show will be on around 11:45 PM*

* Show time has been back at the original time schedule.

Get tickets online: Knitting Factory

This show is CMJ Music Marathon 2006 showcase.

New Metal Death Vol.1
Thursday October 19
7 PM
Zher The Zoo (Yoyogi, Tokyo)

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Nagisa Music Festival confirmed

Saturday October 14
Odaiba Open Court (Tokyo)

Kaze Experimetal stage (2nd stage)

Metalchicks will be probably on around 4 PM.
Check back this page or Nagisa Music Festival page for update.

Monday, August 28, 2006

New show confirmed!

Friday September 8
Earthdom (Okubo, Tokyo)

Time table announced!

6:30 DJ floor start (until 11 PM)

DJ line-up:

7:00 Live floor - Golden Omaha

8:00 Live floor - Metalchicks

9:10 Live floor - Lasvegas

For ticket reservation: Send email HERE
Don't forget to include your name and the number of tickets you want in the message.
You will receive email notification when the reservation has been made.

Info: Earthdom

Phone: 03-5481-6366

Sunday, August 27, 2006

St. Wonder video

Check out St. Wonder video directed by Issei Oda (the director of the movie "Warau Michael")

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Metalchicks show in August

Suspiria & Less Than TV presents: OOLD SCRATCH Vol.5

Friday August 4
Basement Bar (Shimokitazawa, Tokyo)

Bands: Suspiria, Metalchicks, L?K?O and イルリメ

6:30 PM open/ 7 PM show

Info: Basement Bar


Phone: 03-5481-6366

Monday, July 24, 2006

Fuji Rock 06 CONFIRMED!

Yes, this is the very last minutes confirmation.

Metalchicks is confirmed for this year's Fuji Rock Festival, on the third day (Sunday).

The second from the very last at Red Marquee stage.

Here's the time table of the night.

Sunday night (Red Marquee)
23:00-00:00 JENNY LEWIS
00:00-01:00 DIGITALISM
02:15-03:15 SHIRO the GOODMAN 
03:15-04:00 METALCHICKS
04:00-05:00 BEZ DJ SET

Bez from Happy Mondays is the very last performer of this year's Fuji Rock.

Just stay awake and celebrate the sun rise together by banging your head.
Peace and may the metal be with you.

Fuji Rock Festival 06 official site: Japanese / English

Friday, June 23, 2006

New shows in JULY (Kyoto & Tokyo)

Gig 1
Sunday July 2 "P-hour 06"
Seibukodo (Kyoto University)

Love Shop Losalios

For more information and ticket reservation,
send email to


Gig 2
Thursday July 6
Showboat (Koenji, Tokyo)

Jun Hashimoto Session (Jun Hashimoto-G, Emi Eleonola-Vo, etc.)

Ticket reservation:
Phone 03-3337-5745 (14:00〜23:00)

Info: ShowBoat 03-3337-5745 (14:00〜23:00)

Warau Michael movie site

Warau Michael (Laughing St. Michael)
Directed by Issei Oda
Starring Juri Ueno, Megumi Seki, Airi Taira and Yusuke Isetani

Opens nationwide in Japan this summer

Album ST. WONDER is due on July 21.

12 inch single Tears For Fears/ Conspiracy is also available. (Due on July 14)

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Metalchicks tour with Buffalo Daughter

Metalchicks has confirmed the tour with Buffalo Daughter!!

June 15
Osaka - Shinsaibashi Club Quattro

June 16
Nagoya - Nagoya Club Quattro

June 18
Fukuoka - Early Believers

June 22
Tokyo - Liquid Room

Tkts are on sale now!

- Ticket PIA (P : 226-209) TEL 0570-02-9966
- LAWSON Ticket (L : 58042) TEL 0570-084-005
- e+ [e+ ORDER]
- TIME BOMB RECORDS TEL 06-6213-5079
info : SMASH WEST 06-6535-5569

- LAWSON Ticket (L : 43302) TEL 0570-084-004
- e+ [e+ ORDER]
- CN PLAY GUIDE TEL 0570-08-9999

info : SMASH or NAGOYA CLUB QUATTRO 052-264-8211

- Ticket PIA (P : 226-107) TEL 0570-02-9966
- LAWSON Ticket (L : 86273) TEL 0570-084-008
- e+ [e+ ORDER]
info : Early Believers or TSUKUSU 092-771-9009

- Ticket PIA (P : 225-925) 0570-02-9966
- LAWSON Ticket (L : 34941) 0570-084-003
- e+e+ ORDER
- CN PLAY GUIDE 0570-08-9999
- Ganban 03-3477-5701
info : SMASH 03-3444-6751

Monday, May 22, 2006

Show this Sunday

Mutant Pop Travellers

Sunday May 28

LUSH (Shibuya, Tokyo)

Live show: Metalchicks, Andreas Tilliander (from Sweden) and Motocompo

For ticket reservation:

Info: LUSH
Ph. 03-5467-3071/ Fx. 03-5467-3073

Friday, May 12, 2006

May 17 show - change notice!

Kiiiiiii has been canceled May 17 show at Basement Bar because of the drummer's illness.
Tsushimamire is replaced for that.

Wednesday May 17
Basement Bar (Shimokitazawa, Tokyo)

With: Bleech, Midori, Tsushimamire

Metalchicks will go third.

Info: Basement Bar
Ph. 03-5481-6366/ Fx. 03-5204-9120

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Metalchicks official website will be launched in July

The countdown for grand opening has been started! Check out!!

Metalchicks official website:

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Yuka's blog page

The drummer Yuka has her own blog page. Check out!

Yuka's blog page (Japanese only)


May shows

Metalchicks shows in May are confirmed!

Wednesday May 17
Basement Bar (Shimokitazawa, Tokyo)

With: Bleech, Kiiiiiii, Midori

Info: Basement Bar
Ph. 03-5481-6366/ Fx. 03-5204-9120

Sunday May 28
LUSH (Shibuya, Tokyo)

With: Andreas Tilliander (from Sweden), Motocompo, etc.

Electro/ techno/ pop artist from Sweden! Check out his sound from the link above (on his name)!

Info: LUSH
Ph. 03-5467-3071/ Fx. 03-5467-3073

Monday, April 10, 2006

Metalchicks with The Fucking Champs!

Metalchicks' show with The Fucking Champs (from San Francisco, USA)

Wednesday April 19, 2006

At Shibuya O-nest

Door: 6.30 PM/ show 7.00 PM

Adv. 3000 yen/ door 3500 yen

Adv. tickets are available until this Sunday at Map Ticket Service:

Info: Map (03-5712-3628/

Friday, March 24, 2006

Metalchicks at

Now Metalchicks has a page at

Two songs from the first album "Metalchicks" are ready to listen!

"Friend request" is welcome!

New Tokyo show added!

Saturday April 8
Earthdom (Okubo, Tokyo)

Show with Kirihito!

Open 6.30 PM/ show 7 PM

Also performs:


Info: Earthdom ( Ph & Fx: 03-3205-4469)

TOKYO SHOW with The Fucking Champs Confirmed!

Metalchicks gig with The Fucking Champs (from San Francisco, CA)

Wednesday April 19
Tokyo - Shibuya O-nest

open 6:30pm / start 7:00pm 3,000 yen (adv)/ 3,500 yen (door)

Advance ticket is available at Map Ticket Service until April 16.
Send email above including the date, the number of tickets and your contact info (email/phone) to reserve your ticket.

Info: Map (03-5712-3628)

Sunday, February 26, 2006

The Fuckin' Champs is coming to Japan!!

I'm so excited to let you know that one of my favorite bands on this earth, The Fuckin' Champs is touring in Japan, for the fist time EVER!

April 19 Tokyo Shibuya O-nest
21 Nagoya K. D. Japon
22 Osaka Shinsekai Bridge

Metalchicks is confirmed as an opener for Tokyo show.
Check back this page for more info!

Monday, February 06, 2006

Back at Lush (Shibuya) again!

Metalchicks will be back at Lush this month!!


Friday February 24, 2006

Door open 18:00/ Show 18:30
¥3,000 adv./ ¥3,500 door



The Sun calls Stars (伊藤大助“clammbon”+ オータコージ)

aM (タザワ・コウダイ“ex.SUPERCAR”+ カナイ・ヒロアキ)

Pap A Rapper (E-da“ex.BOREDOMS/AOA”+ miss hawaii)

Info: Lush (03-5467-3071)

Monday, January 16, 2006

Back in Osaka!

Saturday February 4, 2006

Shinsekai Bridge (Osaka)

6PM Door/ Show

Adm. 2000yen

Info: Bridge (ph: 06-6634-0080)